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Elves are one of the main humanoid people that inhabit the Old World.


Elves are of medium height, standing somewhat shorter than both kaas and yao. Elven faces tend to be narrow and somewhat "flat" with small noses and thin lips. Elven eyes are most commonly a bright green show only very little white, giving them the appearance of being much larger than they actually are.

The elves of the Old World fall into two main groups of very distinctively different appearance. The northern tribes tend to lightly tanned skin and very dark brown to black hair while the southern tribes have skin that is a very dark gray like almost black ash and have hair that comes in ranges of gray, white, and light blond. In regions where the two groups meet it is not uncommon for these traits to somewhat blur together, with blond and light brown hair not being uncommon among the southern Keyren clans and some Takari clans having much lighter gray skin than others.

Physical Traits

One of the best known and somewhat unique traits of the elves is their great longevity. Elves who don't fall victim to illness, war, or accident can commonly reach ages over three centuries before age starts taking its toll on their bodies. Given their long lifespans, the amount of elves who survive to find a death from high age is smaller than with other peoples and most elves who are encountered away from their villages are much younger than this. Elven children grow up only slightly slower than those of kaas any yao and are generally considered adults at the age of 24, and to have reached full maturity after 32 years. Elves visibly age only very little after than point until they are approaching two centuries of age and are generally considered to be elders at the age of 200.

Though elves are not significantly less strong than weak, even the strongest of their kind tent to much less show it than people of other races and they maintain a rather wiry build that sometimes surprises other warriors and wrestlers. At the same time, the endurance of even the toughest and most hardened elves lags significantly behind that of even average yao.


The elves of the Old World belong to five distinct tribes, which are defined by a shared language and similar cultural customs which are followed with only small variances by all clans belonging to the same tribe.


Main article: Eylahen

The Eylahen are the smallest and northernmost of the elven tribes, living primarily in Venlad and the western reaches of the Rayalka Mountains. They are taller than other elves and have lighter hair and skin. The Eylahen of Venlad have few major settlements and are mostly hunters, herders, and fishermen.


Main article: Keyren

They Keyren have been living in the coastal regions of Revand, Halond, and Keltir for countless generations and their traders are widely known as the greatest sailors of the Inner Sea. Keyren merchant ships can be seen in all ports of the Old World from the frozen lands of the north all the way to the jungle cities of the Takari in the south.


Main article: Neshanen

Though less numerous than their Keyren neighbors to the west, the Neshanen are one of the most powerful and wealthiest of the tribes that inhabit the Old World. Mostly concentrated along the coast and narrow valleys of Senkand, the clans of the Neshanen are much tighter organized and better connected than their neighbors and their knowledge of both craft and magic is rivaled by few other people on the Inner Sea. Many believe that the power of the Neshanen is to a great deal based on their mastery and use of sorcery, which many highborn Neshanen pursue in the open without any real opposition from their priests and shamans. Naturally this has long put the Neshanen at odds with the Keyren, whose druids consider sorcerers to be only one step away from unleashing demons into the world.


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The Takari are a large tribe second in numbers only to the Keyren who live primarily on the mainland coast of the Mahiri Jungles. They have several major port cities whose wealth rivals those of the Neshanen in Senkand, which are ruled by powerful shaman kings and queens. Once their lands were ruled by naga and many see themselves still in an ages old war with the sorcerous rulers of Kemesh.


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