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This article is a stub and still in the process of being completed.

Hendakar is one of the four great cities of Senkand and even though it is the smallest among them it is still a major power. The city is a massive fortress build by the Rock Carvers in the forgotten past, which from the outside appears like a single massive curved wall emerging from the mountain side behind it. Behind the gigantic walls lie several layers of city, connected by huge air shafts where goods are carried up to the upper levels by large cranes. In a great cave within the mountain at the top of the city lies the great palace. The city is ruled by a huge winged serpent known as the Son of Storms, who governs the city and the surrounding lands with the help of priests of the god of storms.

Hendakar lies at the southern end of the great overland trade route that leads between the Mountains of the Moon and the Mountains of the Sun to Menai in Revand, which gives the city considerable wealth despite its much smaller size compared to its neighbours.