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This article is a stub and still in the process of being completed.

The Sakaya are a large order of mystics and lay followers that have abandoned all clan kinship and kings and instead have dedicated themselves to a pursuit of a life in harmony in a community of equals. All villages and monasteries share the fields, herds, and mines, with individuals only owning their personal possessions. Most Sakaya are Yao living in the Wyvern Mountains and the Mountains of the Sun, but they accept everyone within their ranks and numerous smaller communes exist in Senkand and the Hinterlands as well. Meran is the largest center of their religion, with the entire city serving as their largest monastery.

The teachings of the Sakaya oblige everyone to always strive to improve their personal skills to improve the prosperity of their communities. In times of peace, Sakaya warriors often travel to Senkand and Revand to seek work as mercenaries and put their skills to use, as well as improving them further. Because of this constant training and regular campaigning, Sakaya warriors are held to be among the best in the world, and their services as mercenaries are always high in demand. However, over recent decades, a number of companies of Sakaya warriors has turned to a life of near constant campaigning, rarely returning to their homelands or even losing contacts to their communes entirely. These rogue companies increase their numbers by continuing the practice of taking anyone who wants to adopt their ways into their ranks, but few of them seem to be taught anything about Sakaya teachings other than the single minded goal to constantly perfect their skills as warriors. Rogue companies of Sakaya warriors are even more fierce in battle than their traditionalist comrades, but they have gained a reputation as the most feared and ruthless mercenaries in the world.