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The naga are a race of humanoid serpent spirits from the Spiritworld, who ruled over most of the southern parts of the Ancient Lands thousands of years ago. Unlike the shie, who left the material world and returned back to the Spiritworld almost completely, many naga strongholds still exist deep in the jungles of the south, particularly in the eastern regions of Kemesh.


The naga are large serpents that often grow between four and six meters in length and have the upper bodies and arms of humanoid peoples with serpentine heads. Most naga are green in color with a darker shade along the spine, but there are also lineages whose scales range from yellow to dark brown with various patterns of green, orange, and gold. Like snakes, they have forked tongues and poisonous fangs.


Naga are exceptionally intelligent and often live for many centuries. Like many spirits they don't really age but simply grow larger and more powerful. While their arms are as strong as those of a powerfully build kaas, their long tails are powerful enough to crush all but the largest crocodiles and giant lizards. The venom of a nagas fangs is highly potent and can be deadly to most living creatures if left untreated. It starts to paralyze a victims limbs within a few seconds and can kill within a couple of minutes, though the shamans of the Yagashi know of some rare potions that can neutralize it. Since it takes several days for naga to produce the poison, they usually use it only sparingly when they are seriously threatened by an enemy.

While not particularly fast on the ground, their long and powerful tails help naga both with climbing and swimming, making them much more mobile than one would expect from creatures of their size.

Naga were the first to discover sorcery thousands of years ago. While most powerful naga are witches, many of them are ancient sorcerers as well and their powers play a great part in keeping the Mayaka from invading Kemesh. They are fierce rivals of the Neshanen sorcerers of Ven Marhend, though few people in the Ancient Lands are aware of this century old conflict that is mostly fought in secret. Both the naga and Neshanen sorcerers are highly interested in burried artifacts left behind by the shie and in those parts of the jungles that have been lost to the Yagashi. Both groups have their agents throughout all the Ancient Lands, but neither is in any way unified and they are fighting among themselves just as often.


In the distant past, naga controlled almost all of the southern Ancient Lands as far north as Keltir. Today their immediate control only covers the remote lands of Kemesh and only the serpentmen and some Takari slaves remain as their servants. The largest known cities in Kemesh are Ashur and Lasuk, and a great fortress by the name of Kanat is rumored to be somewhere deep in the jungles.