System Strain

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System Strain is a mechanic unique to Worlds Without Number.

Abilities that restore hit points like First Aid or Healing Touch can be used unlimited times, but characters are limited in how many times they can receive such healing. Any time characters receive healing other than the natural healing from resting, they gain 1 point of System Strain. The maximum System Strain that characters can gain is equal to their Constitution score. Characters who have reached their maximum System Strain can not gain any further healing other than natural healing from resting.

There are also other effects like dehydration, starvation, severe heat or cold, and various poisons that can cause 1 point of System Strain. If such effects cause characters' System Strain to exceed their maximum, they die.

System Strain recovers by 1 point for every night of rest. The Healer's art Refined Restoration doubles this natural recovery. Drinking skok also recovers 1 point of System Strain, though it comes with its own side effects. There are also special magical potions and rare mystical healing springs whose waters can recover System Strain.