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In The Great River Campaign, an Adventure specifically refers to a single expedition into the wilderness, which begins with the forming of a party at a safe town and ends when XP are calculated and awarded after returning to a safe town. During adventures, time is tracked precisely day by day, but between adventures, players can let as much time pass as they want, to recover from injuries, learn new spells, or wait for deliveries from craftsmen before they set out again.

The start date for an adventure has to be a date after all PCs in the party have completed their previous adventures and had time to recover and travel to the starting location of the new adventure. A party also can only visit a site on a date after all previous parties exploring the site had left it. It is not possible to explore a site on dates earlier than other adventures that have already happened or are currently going on.

Scheduling an Adventure

To begin an adventure, at least three players and a GM have to agree on a time to play, and the players have to announce where the party will be going. The players can invite additional players to tbe adventure later, but group sizes should not get bigger than six players. (The creatures and treasures of a site depend only on its location, not the party that is going to visit them.) The players and GM should also estimate how long the adventure might take and discuss whether the whole group will be able to play together frequently enough to complete the adventure in a timely manner. Adventures do not have to fully explore an entire site and players may always agree to return early to wrap up the adventure. Players who are interested can always start a new adventure to a previously visted site with a new party.

Players can always play in multiple ongoing adventures with different characters of they want to play more frequently than the groups they play in can get together.