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The Great River Campaign uses the original Dungeons & Dragons rules for Experience instead of the rules in Worlds Without Number.

PCs and retainers gain XP primarily by returning with treasure from their adventures back to a safe town, or by "facing and overcoming dangerous opponents". Generally speaking, most sites have opportunities to make four times as many XP from treasures as from opponents. All the XP gained from an adventure are shared equally by all surviving PCs and retainers. (Though retainers require twice the XP to reach higher levels.)

XP Requirements

All character classes advance at the same XP values.

Level XP
1st 0
2nd 2,000
3rd 4,000
4th 8,000
5th 16,000
6th 32,000
7th 64,000
8th 120,000
9th 240,000
10th 360,000

XP from Treasure

XP from treasure are equal to the value in silver pieces of all the things the party has picked up during the adventure and carried to a safe town. Treasure that is left behind or lost during the return journey does not provide any XP, but PCs can set out on further adventures to recover them. After the XP have been awarded to the characters in the party, the players are free to divide the treasure as they want.

While magic items don't have any actual market values, they still contribute to XP from treasure.

XP from Opponents

XP from opponents are gained when the party was confronted by NPCs or creatures that either threatened them or blocked their progress, and the players successfully managed to get past that obstacle. To gain XP, the party must have been in danger of getting hurt and accomplished what they meant to do. Sneaking past guards does provide experience, but running from enemies until they give up does not. Ultimately this is at the discretion of the GM based on common sense.