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Retainers are NPCs in the permanent employment of PCs. Unlike hirelings, they can have classes and levels, gain experience, and follow parties into caves and dungeons.

Retainers will never knowingly or willingly betray PCs, and even in the most extreme cases of disagrement simply leave without causing the PCs any trouble. Non-fighting retainers are particularly well suited to watch over PCs possessions while they are away on adventures.

Retainers are generally paid a regular wage by the PC who employs them, similar to hirelings, but also demand a full share of the treasure of any adventure they take part in. Retainers with healing magic are very rare and particularly thought after and usually demand significantly higher compensation. At the end of an adventure, retainers get XP like PCs, but strictly following the lead of others and not taking any own initiative, require double the amount of XP to reach higher levels.

PCs can have multiple retainers employed, as shown below, but only one retainer can accompany each PC on a single adventure. While employed as retainers, they remain NPC and will not share their wealth or equipment with PCs or other retainers. Players can however turn a retainer into a regular PC between adventures or if their PC dies during an adventure.

Maximum Number of Retainers
Charisma Score Retainers Morale
3 1 4
4-5 2 5
6-8 3 6
9-12 4 7
13-15 5 8
16-17 6 9
18 7 10

While retainers are NPCs, they are controlled during encounters by the player who hired them. Control of a retainer can also be given to another player, for example if a PC died or is otherwise incapacitated and the player didn't bring an own retainer to the adventure.