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Hirelings are NPCs who can be temporarily hired or permanently employed as guards or servants. They receive a fixed wage either per day or per moon and will leave immediately if not getting paid. Hirelings roll morale in the same way as any NPCs or creatures and may flee when encountering dangers. Hirelings that accompany PCs on adventures roll morale at the end of the adventure to determine whether they continue to offer their services to the PC or seek better work elsewhere.

Hirelings are generally basic NPCs without class levels or any special abilities. More powerful assistants with a closer connection to specific PCs are generally retainers.

Recruiting Hirelings

Hirelings can generally recruited by asking around in taverns or markets for people seeking work. Word generally spreads quickly in most towns and villages and interested NPCs will respond on the same day.


Mercenaries are trained and equipped warriors who will fight for pay. They are commonly used to guard boats and animals, secure camps, and protect the homes of wealthy PCs. Mercenaries will follow parties deep into the wilderness but not enter caves or dungeons.

Mercenary generally offer their services as groups of 6 or 12, but can also be hired individually.

Mercenaries (group)
Type per day per moon
Common mercenaries (6) 20 sp 320 sp
Common mercenaries (12) 32 sp 512 sp
Elite mercenaries (6) 100 sp 1,600 sp
Elite mercenaries (12) 160 sp 2,560 sp
Mercenaries (single)
Type per day per moon
Common mercenary 2 sp 32 sp
Common mercenary leader 10 sp 160 sp
Elite mercenary 10 sp 160 sp
Elite mercenary leader 50 sp 800 sp

Common Mercenary: 1 HD; light armor, shield, spear, sword, shortbow.

Common Mercenary Leader: 2 HD; medium armor, shield, sword.

Elite Mercenary: 1 HD; medium armor, shield, spear, sword, longbow.

Elite Mercenary Leader: 2 HD; heavy armor, shield, sword.


Servants are all kinds of hirelings who are not trained to fight. They can be hired to assist with certain tasks on adventure, but are more commonly employed to serve in the homes of wealthy PCs.

Sailors will go into the wilderness but stay at the ships. Carriers going into the wilderness require double the regular pay for work in rural areas. Most other servants will not follow PCs on adventure.

Type per day per moon
Alchemist 10 sp 160 sp
Bronzesmith, carpenter, mason 5 sp 80 sp
Carrier (rural) 1 sp 16 sp
Carrier (wilderness) 2 sp 32 sp
Engineer 10 sp 160 sp
Herbalist 5 sp 80 sp
Sailor 2 sp 32 sp
Sailor, captain 10 sp 160 sp
Servant 1 sp 16 sp
Scribe 3 sp 48 sp
Worker 1 sp 16 sp