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Morale is a mechanic that applies to all NPCs and creatures.

During combat, enemies and allied NPCs may become frighting and flee from the fight. In those situations, a morale check is made, which is rolled with 2d6. If the number rolled exceeds the morale score of the combatants, they lose discipline and begin fleeing immediately. This is separate from combatants deciding that the situation requires an ordered retreat and is instead a panicked flight that may happen even when the group still has the upper hand.

Morale checks are typically made the first time a member of the group is killed or incapacitated, when the group loses its leader, and when the group has lost half of it's members, but additional checks may be made any time a group is facing with a display of extraordinary power targeted at it.

PCs never make morale checks, but retainers and hirelings do.

(The Great River Campaign does not use the optional Instinct mechanic from Worlds Without Number.)